Three Sheets

Directed by Chris Kitchen & Produced by KGB Productions


We are proud to introduce, KGB Productions’, Three Sheets — a film that takes you on a 21 day adventure with four friends as they sail, explore, and fish the endless atolls and flats of Belize.

The definition of modern-day adventure doesn’t solely depend on location. When you enter a fishery that takes you outside of your comfort zone with the goal of figuring it out for yourself, adventure lies around every corner.

With Belizean spear fisherman, Capt. Deadshot Danny at the helm, this ragtag crew sets sail for the adventure of a lifetime.

Like all great adventures, the unknown surprises and unforeseen obstacles make it a journey none of these men and women will soon forget. With new species on the board and good times under the belt, living aboard a boat has never felt more connected to the rhythm of the ocean than now.




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