Women's & Men's Bug Protection


It’s not going to come as a news flash to any dedicated angler that some of the best fishing conditions and best fishing habitats come with a very buggy price tag. Shove into that mosquito-swarmed mangrove channel, cruise that midge-choked marsh, and hike down that tick-infested riverbank with confidence suited up in our SIMMS BugStopper® insect repellent clothing. From shirts, hoodies, and pants to socks, hats, sungaiters, and gloves, this angling apparel gets its bloodsucker-thwarting properties thanks to an advanced Insect Shield® formulation shown to deter ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, ants, and no-see-ums and lasts the lifetime of the clothing. Spend more time fishing and less time swatting with SIMMS BugStopper® clothing!